GRC Consultating

IT Governance and Information Security
The aim is to share our professional and industry experience in the information systems control assurance, audit, business continuity, security, and regulatory compliance field.


COBIT-Strategic alignment ensuring the linkage of business and IT plans

    • Value Delivery
    • Resource management
    • Aligning IT Processes and IT Governance with and Integrated into the Business Requirements
    • Performance Measurement

Risk Management& Business Continuity

ISO 27001 –Information Security

    • Ensure Business information Criteria is maintained, including
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Availability

Business Continuity Management (BS25999-BCP+DRP)

    • Business Impact analysis
    • Risk Assessment
    • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Business continuity Plan

Our approach takes a more expansive and integrated strategy, founded upon an enhanced understanding of risks, business processes and dependencies. Business Continuity Planning is a requisite for sound business Risk Management.


Recent world events have challenged us to prepare to manage previously unthinkable situations that may threaten an organization’s future. This new challenge goes beyond the mere emergency response plan or disaster management activities that we previously employed. Organizations now must engage in a comprehensive process best described generically as Business Continuity. It is no longer enough to draft a response plan that anticipates naturally, accidentally, or intentionally caused disaster or emergency scenarios.
Today’s threats require the creation of an on-going, interactive process that serves to assure the continuation of an organization’s core activities before, during, and most importantly, after a major crisis event.

An integrated connection – Risk Management & Business Continuity Management

    • Corporate Governance indicates that “sound risk management and internal control frameworks, tailored to the specific circumstances of the company, should be part of the daily operational activities of a company and should not be viewed independently of normal business activities.”
    • While Risk Management focuses on every conceivable type of risk that may be found in an organisation; Business Continuity Management focuses upon such aspects that may impact and disrupt the delivery of key products and services.

Areas of Expertise
We provide a tool to allow organizations to consider the factors and steps necessary to prepare for a crisis (disaster or emergency) so that it can manage and survive the crisis and take all appropriate actions to help ensure the organization’s continued viability.