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BJNET Solutions offers a variety of networking solutions. Our staff is well trained in local area network LAN, WAN and VSAT setup and structured cabling, all done according to the customer’s specifications.

Network Assurance
Traditionally organizations have focused on securing data and systems, without fully addressing the network that connects these systems and transports data. As networks have evolved, security has increasingly manifested itself in the fabric of the network. When this trend is combined with the rapid changes in network infrastructure, it requires organizations to examine the connectivity of their networks as thoroughly as they would the systems and data. This is the missing piece in many organizations today.

BJNET Solutions has systems in place that ensures network Assurance. Network Assurance quantifies risk from a network point of view, based on a comprehensive set of metrics. A complement to system and data-level security solutions, Network Assurance completes the risk management equation by measuring the impact of network change on security, availability, and compliance. Only with a complete understanding of connectivity and network defenses, can organizations increase security posture in the face of accelerating infrastructure change.

BJNET offers network support and maintenance contracts so as to ensure the smooth running of the network. We also offer training for staff to enable the client to enjoy the full benefits of the network.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Unified

  • telephony and voice
  • visual communications
  • conferencing
  • telecommunications management